Infographic: Putting healthcare data to work with clinical and business intelligence

HIMSS Analytics

In a recent post to Healthcare IT News, HIMSS Analytics Research Director Brendan FitzGerald likened data to crude oil—its value is directly related to its potential—and compared clinical and business intelligence solutions to the oil refinery. FitzGerald reports that the HIMSS Analytics Essentials Brief, the 2015 Clinical & Business Intelligence Study, found that the number of organizations using a C&BI solution had increased 6 percent since 2013.

A helpful infographic shows some impressive statistics from the C&BI study, demonstrating the growing importance of analytics within healthcare organizations. They are using data to make better clinical decisions, as well as preparing to benefit as the industry shifts to a value-based care model. With that said, it doesn’t mean organizations are happy about it. The study shows that user satisfaction sits at a 6 out of possible 10 rating.

To learn more about CB&I trends, see the infographic and read the complete 2015 Clinical & Business Intelligence Study.