Using EMRAM as a Benchmarking Tool for Digital Transformation

HIMSS Analytics

Over 2,500 hospitals in Europe have been assessed on the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), but there is much opportunity for advancement and maturity in this space, especially in the United Kingdom where there are three Stage 6 validated organizations and zero at the Stage 7 level. With this opportunity in mind, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust in Salford, England began EMRAM assessment in 2015. They have currently achieved Stage 5 on the EMRAM, and have the goal to get to Stage 6, then 7 within the next 12-19 months.

The EMRAM provides a roadmap to maturity and measures an EMR deployment’s impact on systems, providers and patients. This measurement allows healthcare leaders to strategically prioritize their technology goals by comparing their progress to industry best practices and standards. As Phil Bell, Chief Information Officer, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust said, “[the] EMRAM is a great guide to take us into the future”.

Once they had buy-in from their colleagues, the team at Salford Royal found that many cross-functional departments were able to see the value of the EMRAM and were willing to contribute to the success of the implementation. Interested in hearing more about Salford Royal’s journey to Stage 5? Watch the video below and hear about the experiences had by those in positions ranging from the CIO to the head of R&D. 

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