STAGE 7 SPOTLIGHT Bon Secours Health System: Patient Monitoring with "Best Practice Alerts"

HIMSS Analytics

Bon Secours Health System is a Catholic, non-profit health care system based in Marriottsville, Maryland, with medical group facilities and acute care hospitals and services in Virginia, as well.

Recognizing the importance of gathering accurate daily weights from patients, Bon Secours Health System set to standardize – and improve – their collection process. Accurate weights are vital for patient safety for medication dosing and nutritional/fluid balance stability. With high acuity patients, daily weights were sometimes overlooked at different facilities within the health system. There was a noted decline in the documentation of daily weights, so the Cardiology Collaborative Practice Group began looking for areas of improvement.

The team developed a “Best Practice Alert” when weights are omitted within 24 hours of each calendar day. With this new alert, Bon Secours Health System remained compliant within 94-97%. This implementation also helped the care team to improve assessment, evaluation and monitoring of patients with critical diagnoses.

Bon Secours case study