Personal Connected Health: Market Movement and the Clinician Perspective

HIMSS Analytics

How is connected health changing the healthcare landscape and the health technology and information marketplace? As with any evolving market, there are events that shape the category for health IT vendors. The challenge is understanding how those events impact the opinions of clinicians using those solutions. What are the people who actually provide patient care feeling about the market?

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Recent Connected Health Market Movement

There has been a lot of movement in the last few weeks in this category. For example, Microsoft announced that it would remove its HealthVault Insights mobile apps from the iOS, Android and Microsoft app stores by the end of January. Then, within days of that announcement, Apple announced that it will bring electronic health records to the iPhone Health app.

HealthVault, a part of Microsoft’s Healthcare NExT initiative, launched in 2017 with aspirations of improving patient care and engagement. With the ability to augment a patient’s medical record based on data collected through iOS and Android mobile device health trackers, the app provided users and clinicians analytics to improve care. While HealthVault will remain open to users, detailed data that HealthVault collects will no longer be available.

Meanwhile, Apple announced its entry into the electronic health records space for consumers by partnering with a select group of healthcare organizations with its newest iOS beta. This update will allow Apple mobile device users to see their medical record right on their iPhone. While still in beta, this new feature gives participating healthcare organizations a way to provide patients with their records when they want to see them.

As the market continues to evolve, vendors are adapting quickly. In the case of Microsoft’s mobile applications, we see vendors failing fast and moving on, or, as in the case of Apple, doubling down on their efforts to make their applications more appealing to a wider base.

Clinician Impact

As we are beginning to see market movement from major players and smaller players alike, eyes are now on the provider community to see how the evolution of connected health is having an impact on their delivery of care. Additionally, are they ready for this wave of patient data?

To begin to answer this question, HIMSS Analytics teamed up with Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance). Together they set out to uncover how providers feel about connected health solutions and how they are starting to implement these technologies in patient care?



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