INFRAM: The Origins

HIMSS Analytics

One of the most dramatic changes in healthcare over the past 15 years has been the integration of information technology into care delivery. These innovations in clinical applications are great, but they may have a less-than-desired impact without the network connectivity that feeds them information and the people who use these applications to provide care.

But how do you understand where your information infrastructure gaps are and determine how to fill them?

These were some of the questions Cisco started to try to answer over 3 years ago with the creation of an infrastructure maturity assessment. This maturity assessment characterized information technology services and their relationship to the clinical and operational outcomes of a healthcare provider. This work, built around studies within 30 major acute care hospitals, created the prototype survey tools and reporting formats around which HIMSS Analytics INFRAM was formed. The analysis gave insight on how to benchmark hospitals in their journey to apply information infrastructure more effectively, support staff, and the clinical and operational applications they rely on.

To help guide your efforts to reach your facility’s clinical and operational goals, Cisco has developed a white paper to explore how INFRAM can help you understand capability gaps, map INFRAM to EMRAM levels, and review sample assessment results. Use it as first step in understanding how to assess your information infrastructure capabilities and develop a technology roadmap for your organization.

white paper