INFRAM: Get Your Baseline Assessment

HIMSS Analytics

The HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models have become the standard for measuring technology implementation and process improvement at healthcare organizations around the world. The models help organizations improve patient care while at the same time move organizations forward toward a healthier bottom line.

While existing models have addressed a multitude of topics from electronic medical records with EMRAM to analytics with AMAM, there are many more areas where improvements can be made. We have recognized how crucial it is that organizations have a pulse on how advanced (or not) their technical infrastructure is, in order to support the improvements they’re aiming to make. For this reason it is with great excitement that we announce that healthcare organizations across the globe will be able to use the Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) to assess their organizational infrastructure starting on October 24th, 2018.

Over the past year, HIMSS Analytics has worked to develop the INFRAM, which measures the information technology infrastructure used within in a health system. By identifying specific benchmarks for organizations to reach before they go live with a new or replacement Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, the INFRAM helps ensure the health system’s infrastructure is stable, manageable and extensible. By Utilizing the INFRAM, healthcare provider organizations can help improve care delivery, reduce infrastructure risk, and create a pathway for advanced infrastructure capabilities tied to business and clinical outcomes.

When beginning the INFRAM journey, organizations are asked to complete a survey outlining their current infrastructure capabilities. Those who complete the INFRAM survey will receive a Baseline Achievement Report that details the progress against each of the five focus areas or domains of the INFRAM; network transport, wireless and mobility, unified communications and collaboration, information assurance, and data center.

The Baseline Report gives organizations the foundational information they need to understand what INFRAM stage they are, and also provides organizations a pathway forward toward achieving Stage 7.

Achievement Report

Organizations can then engage further to get a full report that will help pin point specific actions to address gaps and strengthen the infrastructure. They can also work with HIMSS Analytics to get help with strategy as they consider their pathway forward, and, ultimately, can work with model experts to obtain an official validation at Stages 6 and 7.

The wait for INFRAM is almost over. Be among the first organizations to get your score, when the new model launches globally on October 24th by signing up below. In the meantime, learn more about the eight stage (0-7) model and the criteria for achieving each stage

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