First Stage 6 Designation Achieved on the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM)

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Many healthcare providers are aware of our EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM). Achieving EMRAM Stage 7 has become a symbol of distinction, showing an organization’s commitment to improving patient care through utilization of electronic medical records.

Did you know that we have four additional maturity models that focus on optimizing patient care through other technology specialties?  The Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) is an international benchmark for the use of advanced digitization in imaging IT to improve patient care, and was jointly developed by HIMSS and the European Society of Radiology (ESR) in 2016.

What is DIAM?

In the complex and continuously evolving environment of hospital imaging departments and imaging centers there is a distinct need to deliver medical imaging securely, through the right channel, with the right context, at the right time to the right person. Numerous changes from the move to value-based care and increased use of mobile devices impact the way providers use digital imaging. DIAM is the first model of its kind worldwide and comprises ten focus areas, highlighting more than 100 indicators essential to the digitization in imaging IT.

DIAM helps providers to identify and adopt the right digital strategy and improve health outcomes for patients.

Congratulations to King Abdulaziz Medical City!

King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has just been recognized as the first hospital in the world to achieve Stage 6 designation on the DIAM. KAMC Riyadh is already an EMRAM Stage 6 facility, and their goal is to attain DIAM Stage 7 within the next six months – together with achieving EMRAM Stage 7.

Encouraged by their enthusiasm and commitment to this model, Jörg Studzinski, director research and advisory services for HIMSS Europe, has high hopes that they will be able to achieve this: “Alongside its Stage 6 achievement, KAMC Riyadh also possesses strong capabilities regarding health information exchange, patient engagement as well as analytics and workflow safety. I am confident they will reach their Stage 7 vision soon.”

Congratulations to King Abdulaziz Medical City on leading the way in digital imaging sophistication.

To read the full press release and learn more about this health system, click here.

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