Digital Imaging Adoption Model: Achieving Enterprise Imaging Maturity Webinar

HIMSS Analytics

The medical imaging environment is complex and continuously evolving, which presents a distinct need to deliver imaging securely, through the correct channel, with the right context, at the right time and to the right people. Recent studies have found that there are clear inefficiencies that need to be addressed in the medical imaging process, which could be avoided by utilizing better workflows, consolidated strategies and leveraging technology. With more services and programs in the market than ever, there is an added complexity that comes with more processes and tools needing to be maintained and supported.

With these challenges in mind, HIMSS Analytics has developed the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM), a framework to help guide healthcare providers through the process of adopting the right digital strategy to improve internal workflows and outcomes for patients. The model assesses the maturity of IT-supported processes in medical imaging and leads organizations towards a fully digitized imaging IT environment. By providing a strategic roadmap, DIAM helps healthcare providers better understand their implementations to improve upon their current software imaging capabilities.

UC Davis Health engaged with HIMSS Analytics in November 2018 to begin a self-assessment of imaging maturity based on the DIAM. UCDH had commenced an imaging strategic planning effort in late 2017 involving mostly radiology and IT team members. The DIAM model and capabilities expressed at each level, gave UC Davis stakeholders a better sense of alignment with healthcare industry imaging best practices and capabilities. Much of what the UCDH team members discovered when HIMSS Analytics shared the results of the self-assessment validated many opinions and known aspects of imaging program maturity.

Duke Health, another organization that has engaged with the DIAM model, has had enterprise imaging initiatives and strategies in place for a number of years. However, taking on the DIAM model both reinforced Duke’s strategic direction and identified blind spots that were not yet prioritized for implementation. Through the model, they learned that there was a lot of opportunity remaining to improve their infrastructure and processes to better serve their imaging patients.

Is your organization interested in taking its imaging strategy to the next level? Or, do you want to learn more? HIMSS Analytics will be hosting a live webinar on Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 10am EST to provide a detailed overview of the DIAM. James Gaston, Senior Director, Healthcare Advisory Services, HIMSS Analytics and Jorg Studzinski, Senior Consultant, HIMSS Europe, will provide an overview and then attendees will hear from Dr. Christopher Roth at Duke Health on how the model has benefitted his organization.

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