Certified Spotlight: VertitechIT

HIMSS Analytics

The HIMSS Analytics Certified program was created to increase collaboration with organizations across the globe who offer the best tools and/or services that enhance organizational efficiencies, improve patient outcomes and elevate the usage of the models that drive these positive changes. By becoming HIMSS Analytics Certified, organizations affirm their commitment to obtaining the best professional education in order to aid healthcare organizations in improving care and positively impacting their bottom line. With the stringent criteria for becoming HIMSS Analytics Certified, the ability to gain this elite distinction when working with provider clientele puts these organizations ahead of their competition.

The Beginning

During the HIMSS18 conference, VertitechIT learned about the  Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) and the opportunity that was available for them to become involved in the Certified program. Their initial thoughts around the program left them contemplating how their team could help healthcare organizations find value in the infrastructure evaluation process and how, they as an organization, could find value for themselves by participating in this program.

This introduction to HIMSS Analytics served as a launching point for additional conversations in collaboration with Cisco (also HIMSS Analytics Certified), to help VertitechIT understand how they would be able to tie INFRAM into their overall approach to transformative IT consulting.

VertitechIT had always been interested in approaching customer challenges insightfully; employing a diverse mix of technologists, clinicians and management consultants for each project, and providing expansive flexibility to every client in how they engage. With these objectives at the forefront, VertitechIT became HIMSS Analytics Certified in October 2018.

This program has helped VertitechIT maintain a unique approach to their own consultancy services, says Mike Machulsky, Executive Vice President for Business Development at VertitechIT.

"It gives us a partnership with a world-class, agnostic, respected voice in the healthcare industry and in analytics. The HIMSS mission resonates with us, and with our mutual customers. We believe there is strength in partnership."

The Certified Journey

Throughout many conversations with HIMSS Analytics and Cisco, VertitechIT developed a roadmap they would follow in order to lead organizations through the INFRAM evaluation process.

Important aspects of this roadmap included workflow planning, evolution and modification, as well as a full go-to-market strategy. In developing this, they kept in mind that understanding their own organizational goals and their client’s goals were imperative to improving health outcomes while lowering the cost of care. They created milestones around adoption and movement of the INFRAM into their process. Understanding this time to value ratio was very important to their implementation. They also maintained a commitment to capital, hiring, onboarding and go-to-market planning to ensure successful launch and implementation of the program.  

When developing this framework around INFRAM, VertitechIT also recognized that in order to be successful, it would require leadership and building of both trust and respect in order to maintain long-term relationships with their clients. As Machulsky says, "We're here to see this through over a multi-year cycle. Taking a longer view helps you make better decisions."

INFRAM In Action

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Temple Health is one of the city’s leading academic medical centers, working with over 1,000 physicians and scientists to bring innovative treatments to patients. VertitechIT was contracted nearly four years ago to facilitate separation of the hospital's IT network from its namesake university, and begin a digital transformation revolving around a hyperconverged infrastructure using software defined methodologies.

VertitechIT’s Mike Feld, who also served as Temple’s interim CTO, completed the INFRAM assessment. The survey revealed opportunities for improvement in the hospital’s communications platform, validating VertitechIT’s recommendation that Temple needed a robust Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) tool that combined enterprise communication features with real-time, asynchronous cooperation capabilities. Temple Health leadership agreed and implementation of a new UCC platform is now underway.

Next Steps

Installing new technologies and implementing new information processes in a healthcare organization is not always an easy task, and finding guidance through this process isn’t always easy to find. Certified organizations like VertitechIT can guide healthcare providers through the maturity model process and beyond. Certified organizations are forming relationships with health systems, hospitals, and clinics across the globe that solve problems and further improve overall patient care.

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